Website ranking: what affects the promotion in search engines Juli May 15, 2023

Website ranking: what affects the promotion in search engines

website ranking

What is website ranking and how to improve its effectiveness

Website ranking is the most important tool for getting a website listed in search engine results. Proper ranking will help not only to get the coveted first page of Google results but also to place the site at the top of the list. Detailed site structure, use of keywords, high level of text optimization, filling with quality content, and other factors can contribute to this. 

The term E-A-T is mentioned 135 times in Google’s guide to evaluating search quality. The acronym stands for the three main principles of Google’s content analysis: Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness. Experts note the importance of following these three principles when filling a website, as they have a great impact on page promotion. 

Determining keywords for a site and implementing them is one of the simplest, but most effective ways of ranking. Keys relevant to the site allow algorithms to understand that the content of the page meets the needs of users. Keys can be high, medium, and low frequency, as well as multiple words.

Informative, useful, and structured text is not only interesting to users but also more relevant to their search engine queries. Text that contains simple sentences, is free of keywords, is divided into paragraphs, and contains lists has a better chance of being noticed by the search algorithm.

Visual design – photos, infographics, videos, and animations can increase site traffic. Visual elements are loved not only by users but also by search algorithms. Thus, visual elements are doubly beneficial for promoting a site.

Properly designed HTML code makes the site more understandable to search algorithms. Tags should be used in header design to promote the site in search engine rankings. Meta descriptions allow search engine algorithms to understand the content of the site and increase CTR. For images, it’s important to consider technical parameters: optimize shapes and sizes, including for mobile devices, specify the file name, and fill in alt meta tags. 

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To attract customers in the region where the business is located, it is important to include geo-tagging and to register your business with Google My Business so that it appears on Google Maps.

The speed of page loading (no more than 2-3 seconds) and adaptive design also have an impact on the website’s results in search results and user visits, as most users now visit websites from smartphones. 

Before you start working with SEO, experts recommend evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of the site and identifying the main objectives of the resource, its format, and its style of design. This will allow you to make a detailed promotion plan and choose the most appropriate tool for it. However, it is best to combine these methods by constantly experimenting. It is important to remember that SEO is an ongoing process that must be adapted to current realities and trends.