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CK IT Sourcing FZE LLC specializes in strategic marketing, digital marketing, creativity design and IT consulting
Digital marketing

We provide a range of services to promote a brand and its products on the Internet. We develop a digital marketing strategy for different areas and business models

Digital advertisement

We provide a stable flow of new clients and orders from online sources. We create and optimize advertising campaigns, conduct a comprehensive audit of the advertising account

Creating content

We create content that sells and engages, post it online on various platforms and channels, and help you communicate with your target audience.

Targeting & Promotion

We develop and customize targeting advertising campaigns, provide services for the optimization of advertising campaigns in social networks.

Website development

We develop and create conversion sites of any complexity and ensure the effective presence of brands on the web.

Web design

A web design developed by our professionals will allow your website to present your brand identity and marketing positioning in the best possible way.

Data & Analytics

We provide data storage and processing services. We help our clients with secure and reliable data storage, fast and accurate processing, transparent and timely analytics, and data visualization.

Software Development

We provide full-cycle professional software development services (from business analysis and design to testing and release) with further support of the developed product.

IT support & Consulting

Our team has enough experienced developers and programmers with many years of experience to help you solve many technical questions.

We'll help to tell your customers the value of your product in the clearest and most comprehensible way by using visual creatives
Digital marketing

Developing a comprehensive digital marketing strategy

Digital advertisement

We help a brand better understand its audience

Real Estate
Private Equity and M&A
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