Targeting & Promotion admin February 6, 2020
Targeting & Promotion
Targeting & Promotion
We develop and customize targeting advertising campaigns, provide services for the optimization of advertising campaigns in social networks.

Targeted advertising is one of the most popular promotional tools and effective channels for attracting targeted traffic. Its recognized advantage is versatility. Targeting will be effective for both small businesses and large companies, and the low entry threshold allows you to start even with a minimum budget.

With proper setup and further campaign optimization, targeting provides systematic traffic and orders from social networks. In addition, targeted advertising campaigns can significantly expand the brand’s customer base and build an active social media community.

Features of targeting advertising:

  • quick launch and testing of marketing hypotheses
  • ability to segment the audience and present unique advertising offers to each segment
  • wide coverage of the target audience from different countries and all over the world
  • targeting by social and demographic characteristics and interests of the characters
  • campaigns based on the collected database in the form of a list of contact numbers or e-mail addresses, selection of similar audiences

We work with the most popular social networks and know the most effective result for your business. We help to define the target audience and create the most suitable visual creative for it.

What targeting services we provide:
  • Creating, setting up, and auditing an advertising account
  • Development, configuration, and launch of an advertising campaign
  • Testing of advertising
  • Reports on effectiveness
  • Connection and setup retargeting
  • Optimization and scaling of advertising campaigns