What is rich content and its benefits for brand promotion Juli April 3, 2023

What is rich content and its benefits for brand promotion

rich content

Rich content and its specific features

During the development of a brand, its creators face the problem of choosing a strategy and a way to promote it. The solution to this problem can be the use of rich content. This popular and effective way can suit both small and large brands. In this case, it can be used on trading floors of different levels and scales.

The term rich content comes from the English word “rich”. The name speaks for itself, because this way of promotion is literally “abundant” in content, combining its different formats: text with a detailed description of the goods, lots of photos and videos. This makes it possible to demonstrate the product in more detail and make a complete picture of it to a potential client. This kind of promotion yields results – the conversion of goods promoted by means of rich content increases by up to 70%. 

Rich content consists of a more detailed and interesting description of the product, including its characteristics and features. The text has to be “catchy” and visually structured for easy perception by the customer. Most importantly, keywords can be added to the description, which can increase the page ranking by search engines. 

Photos are the main component of rich content. Unlike regular stores, where the customer can see and touch the product in person, online stores can only show it. Therefore, it is necessary to take an extremely responsible approach to the creation of the image of the product. It is necessary to take into account the format and size of the photo, suitable for a particular site where the ad is placed. It is also important to show the color and shape of the product as in reality, without distorting them. Clothing should be shown on models, as well as demonstrating the texture of the fabric. 

rich content and its benefits

Video is a more time-consuming type of promotional content to create, but it is also more effective because it allows you to show much more to the buyer.  For this type of promotion, such as rich content, short videos of 30-40 seconds in length are appropriate. This is enough time to demonstrate all the benefits and features of the product. You can also use a video review of the product to show the customer how to use it. This format is most often used to promote electronics, such as home appliances and gadgets. 

Another video format used for rich content is motion video. This format is an animated video that consists of static photos with animated elements. Motion video works well for heavy use of text and infographics. 

For brands selling clothes, video walkthroughs can help to attract new customers. This video format shows how clothes fit perfectly in motion.

To promote more expensive and valuable goods, such as cars, 3D animation is used. In cases where the product cannot be photographed from all sides, a 3D model is created. Thus, a potential buyer can evaluate the product by examining it from all angles. Photos with a 360° view also help to show the product from different angles. This method is less expensive and is often used to sell gadgets. 

More recently, brands have begun to use augmented reality technology to promote their products. Using an application on a smartphone, users can see how clothes will look on them, or how new furniture will look in the interior of their home. 

The advantages of rich content include high audience response and attention retention, as well as the ability to demonstrate product features in detail. All of this allows for a significant increase in conversion rates. The only disadvantage of rich content is the difficulty of creating it, but the effort is definitely worth it.