Web stories as an effective tool for increasing conversions on a mobile website Juli August 7, 2023

Web stories as an effective tool for increasing conversions on a mobile website

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Web stories for an online shop: options for content ideas

Although users are conducting more and more interactions via mobile devices, this format of websites is only sometimes convenient for businesses. In this case, there are limitations in delivering this or that information, affecting the resource’s traffic and position in mobile results. This is especially true with online shops, where conversion on an entire website is still higher than on a smartphone. Web stories can help to improve the situation. The solution works like a social media functionality and is a slide on which this or that information is posted. Such an option has several advantages. First, the format is understandable for users, as it is available on almost all social networks. It is convenient in terms of usability and site design. A small block can contain helpful information without cluttering the screen.

Thanks to web stories, you can increase the conversion rate on the resource and user engagement. In addition, the amount of time a person spends on the site grows, positively affecting overall progress.

Sources for publishing web stories

There can be several sources for publishing web stories. The simplest option is to duplicate content from the company’s social media. Some special builders can be used to optimize the website’s format of social media stories. In addition, new publications can also be created in such programs. It could be an idea to overview new products and unpack them. In this case, you can show the product close-up, talking about its merits.

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Another advantage of this format is the ability to conduct interactives. In this way, the company can interact with users, increasing brand credibility and increasing people’s engagement. All kinds of surveys, tests, and links to other resources can be used as interactives. The user can also use it to ask a question to the company or start a conversation in messengers by clicking on a jump button. Interactivity makes it possible to analyze the mood of customers and their interests to improve the site and the business.

As for product posts, they should be supplemented with recommendations. This could be advice on how to use the product or what is most often bought in addition to it. This option encourages the customer to add another product to the cart. 

Stories with crash tests are popular, showing the product’s capabilities and how it copes with stress. Great if the video is accompanied by an explanatory text and presented in accessible, non-scientific language. 

Web stories can also contain customer reviews. Users’ opinions play a significant role when choosing a product. Visitors to the site could read reviews of the most popular products.