The importance of UX design for a successful business - March 14, 2022

The importance of UX design for a successful business

UX design

UX as a relevant tool for retaining and attracting customers

A persistent trend in today’s pandemic market is personalization. Huge attention is paid to the customer and his needs in order to provide a product or service that will help him solve his tasks. UX, or user experience when interacting with a website or app, is a powerful tool for business development, without which it is difficult to succeed today.

The concept of UX includes several components – maximum clear functionality and interface, adaptivity. In addition, UX design has an emotional factor – the use of a digital resource should be comfortable for the consumer and create the impression that it is designed for a specific person and his needs.

How to understand the right approach for the formation of UX? It should meet the following parameters:

  1. Security. The resource should not pose a risk of data or financial theft to the user.
  2. Stable operation, no delays, quick response of the system to user requests.
  3. Clear navigation, user-friendly interface.
  4. Availability of technical support, its rapid response to customer problems.
  5. Design, website, or app design in the same style.
  6. High-quality content.

Giving attention to UX, taking care of its positivity, the company gets trust from customers, their loyalty. In this case, the word of mouth works perfectly. For example, if a person uses the company’s resources and was satisfied with it, he will tell others about his experience. In this case, the company will get an influx of new customers, and a satisfied client will return for another purchase. Thus, the business gets repeat sales and free recommendations, and its profits grow.

In addition, thoughtful UX design helps to optimize costs. Intuitive functionality and error-free operation of the site or app eliminates the need to keep a large technical support staff, spend a lot of time consulting clients, or constantly improve resources.


To understand whether you need to pay more attention to UX and what level it’s at now, you need to start by analyzing the user experience. A common way is to interview customers who have been using the site for some time. In addition, you can track the number of active users, the number of clicks, referrals with problems, and other important parameters and analyze the data obtained.

It should be understood that making changes to the UX once and improving its characteristics, will not ensure the prosperity of your business. Customer needs and market demands are constantly changing, which entails the need for regular improvement of the design, interface, and functionality of resources. A striking example is the growth of mobile devices, which has forced companies to develop adaptive websites and produce applications. Those who did not understand the importance of smartphones and their distribution were left behind. They didn’t listen to their customers in time. That’s why it’s important to regularly test the UX, do customer surveys, read their feedback, and analyze customer service requests. And already on the basis of this data, make adjustments to the design and functionality of the resource.