Types of advertising: what are the ways to influence the consumer Juli June 20, 2022

Types of advertising: what are the ways to influence the consumer

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Types of advertising: what is the difference between the various options for promotion

Advertising is a universal means of influencing consumers, it stimulates customers and demonstrates the benefits of the product. Nowadays a variety of ways to promote a product are available, and their choice depends on the goals of the business. There are different types of advertising, by studying which you can choose the ideal solution for a particular business and its objectives.

Experts highlight the many types of advertising, which differ in focus, purpose, targeting, placement, and other criteria. Consider the most common types from the different classifications.

Direct and hidden advertising. In the first case, the promotion has clear design standards, as well as a traceable message of the ad. In the case of hidden advertising, an arbitrary style is allowed, and the subject of the promotion is veiled, which allows for an indirect effect on consumers.

Depending on the target audience, their characteristics, and the characteristics of the ideal buyer, advertising can affect the emotional component or stimulate rational thinking. According to numerous experiments, men with higher education and older men are better affected by rational advertising. It presents the various benefits of a product, arguing the necessity of using it. If all of this is supported by the opinion of competent or well-known people and authoritative research – then the number of buyers from this group increases significantly.

Types of advertising

But for women, emotional advertising, which causes a positive impression and a sense of comfort, works more effectively. Thus, the proposed product begins to be associated with pleasant emotions. In this sense, humor works well, advertising that causes laughter. 

Social advertising is a good tool. It is used for global purposes, designed to affect different categories of consumers. Most often such advertising is used to raise important issues, such as environmental problems, the development of the health care system, and political processes.

As for the classification of advertising by the method of placement, it can be divided into two large groups – online and offline. The first option offers promotion via the Internet and its tools. 

One of the most demanded and popular ways is contextual advertising. Such ads are placed in search engines and correspond to the topics of user queries. Setting up and running such an advertising campaign is done through the service Google Adwords and others.

Another type is media advertising, which affects the visual and audio perception of information. These can be dynamic banners, various commercials, or pop-ups.

Offline advertising is primarily outdoor advertising and promotion through the media. The first type is the placement of posters on billboards, storefronts, the subway, a special decoration of retail spaces, and shopping malls. Advertising in the media is good old television commercials, audio offers that can be heard on the radio. 

It should be noted that both online and offline promotion yields results, the main thing – choose the right tool and determine how to influence the target audience.