What is targeting and how to use it Juli June 13, 2022

What is targeting and how to use it


Targeting as an effective tool for promotion in social networks

Any product or service has its own group of buyers, whose needs correspond to the characteristics of the proposed product. Therefore, in order to increase sales and development of the business, it is necessary to determine its target audience and then already incline the selected category of people to buy. There are different options to influence its CA, one of the most popular is targeting.

This marketing tool allows you to broadcast ads not to all Internet users or users of social networks, but only to those who are in the target audience. In simple words, if a consumer has a need for a product or he was interested in a product or service before, he will be shown ads with similar offers in the future. 

Targeting is aimed at those people who will be quicker to make a purchasing decision. On the one hand, advertising on radio or television can reach a large audience, but as a result, the company’s customers may become a few. Unlike targeting, which affects the already “heated” category. Thanks to such a promotion, you can save a lot of budgets.

Targeting helps screen out consumers who are not part of the target audience. However, for such promotion to be effective, extensive work must be done. Before launching, you should carefully study your consumers – age, gender, preferences, needs, and interests. To do this, use various services that collect the necessary data from search queries, and views, and analyze the audience, which is involved in comments and likes of posts on social networks. Algorithms select people based on the similarity of their interests, as well as their attention to a particular product.

What is targeting

Targeted advertising is set up in the Google Ads service, and social networks, including Facebook and Instagram. Such promotion allows you to introduce products or services to a large number of people who can eventually become potential customers.

Targeting solves a large number of problems, it makes it possible to collect leads and weed out people who do not intend to buy the product. As a result, the company’s conversion rate grows, and sales increase.

A thorough analysis of potential customers is important. Before running ads, you need to study the needs of users, based on this make an approximate description of the characteristics of the target audience.

There are several types of targeting, one of them – it’s thematic. In this case, ads are broadcast on sites that have similar themes and focus. Geographical type of targeting limits the display of ads depending on a particular location, for example, within a city or region. In the case of social and demographic targeting, the selection is by gender, social status, or age.

When configuring the targeting advertising is necessary to take into account the characteristics of a social network or site and have them adjust your ads. In this case, you can get more people interested.