How to get traffic to the site: free and paid ways Juli May 9, 2022

How to get traffic to the site: free and paid ways

How to attract traffic to the site

What you need to know to drive traffic to your site

Any site is designed and operated for a specific purpose – to introduce users to the company and its products, to increase sales, to make money from advertising. It is quite difficult to achieve these goals in a short period of time, considering how quickly new resources appear. However, there are ways to attract traffic to the site, which do not require large investments.

According to statistics, there are more than 1 billion sites on the Internet, and every day their number is increasing by 500 thousand. Accordingly, the competition in any segment here is enormous, which makes it necessary to regularly improve the resource to stay afloat. The most affordable way to attract traffic is to use the basics of SEO to write articles. It’s about the harmonious insertion of key queries that correspond to the most sought-after topics in search engines. Such an article will attract the attention of the user, will be able to provide answers to the questions that are important to him. 

To determine keywords, there are many programs that produce a large number of related queries for one topic. SEO experts advise using low-frequency keywords, because here the competition is lower, and the chance to advance in the output is higher than in the case of high-frequency queries.

It is also important to review the content that already exists on the site. You can refine old articles and add keywords to make them more relevant to visitors. Google Search Console can help with this, as it shows you the queries used to rank pages.

to attract traffic to the site

When reading an article on a site, or seeing the information of interest, the user should be able to tell others about it. By adding the “Share” button, you give the person the opportunity to tell about your resource in social networks, which provides a free flow of traffic to the site.

As for the paid methods of promotion, you can highlight affiliate marketing. The intermediaries do the advertising on the resource, and payment to them is made only for buyers, not for all visitors to the site. The cooperation in affiliate marketing is carried out through the connection of the CPA network, which is engaged in self-promotion.

Contextual advertising works effectively – ads that are broadcast at the top or bottom of Google search results. However, it should be understood that such promotion will give its result only if the campaign is properly configured. In addition, you must be prepared for the fact that it requires a fairly substantial budget. 

Targeting advertising is used to promote social networks. It is designed for a specific target audience, and the better you have studied its needs, the more effective the campaign will be.

There are different ways to attract traffic to the site, but before you choose a specific one, you should conduct a technical analysis of the resource. The usability of the interface, the absence of errors in operation, and the speed of loading pages depend on whether users will want to visit the site again.