Text for a landing page: what points to pay attention to when filling the site Juli September 5, 2022

Text for a landing page: what points to pay attention to when filling the site

text for a landing page

How to compose an ideal text for a landing page: useful tips

A landing page is an effective tool for promotion. Its purpose is to encourage the user to take a specific targeted action, such as buying a product or registering for a webinar or course. However, much of the success, in this case, depends on the contextual content of the site. Therefore, it is important to be able to compose a text for a landing page that will provide users with the necessary information about the product and help them take the desired action here and now. 

One of the key stages of the contextual content – is the headline. In this case, the three elements – the headline, subheadline, and button – should work on one task and help each other. In addition, they create a first impression, and it must be positive. The headline should immediately reveal to the reader the problem, which subsequently will be solved. He must interest the user, to touch the need. It is better to postpone the writing of the title to a later date when the rest of the text has already been created.

The subheading reveals more about the topic covered in the headline, it provides more specificity.

A value proposition should always be present in the text of the landing page. It is a phrase that explains the uniqueness of your product. It clearly and concisely states the essence of the entire landing page and its benefits to the consumer. Therefore, for the value proposition, it is better to use words that evoke in the target audience associations with the brand or its products.

effective text for a landing page

In the text of the landing page it is important to disclose the benefits of the company, tell why your offer will work, and solve the user’s problem. At the same time, revealing the value of the product, do not forget about its functionality and practicality.

The consumer needs to see what he is being sold. It is necessary to fill the landing page with an image of the product, and a video of its application. People need to understand what they want to sell, and how to use it. So the user will decide to buy faster, understanding how to integrate the product into his life. Please note that photos and videos should have accompanying text, revealing details of appearance and functional characteristics.

For a better perception of the information, the landing page should be divided into several sections or blocks, each of which should have headings. Such zoning visually simplifies the search for relevant information and makes the text more structured.

The presence of step-by-step instruction explaining the principles of using a product or the process of providing service helps the user decide to buy faster. This approach will make it easier for the consumer to get acquainted with the information.

Buttons are an important element of the landing page. They should also be signed in a way that encourages a person to take a certain action – buy, book, order a callback. In this case, the wording should be clear and understandable, as paragraphs of the instructions.

A strong text, which will call for action, should conclude the landing page, and in the first place, it should appeal to the reader’s emotions.