Who is a targetologist: peculiarities of targeting advertising Juli October 3, 2022

Who is a targetologist: peculiarities of targeting advertising


Targetologist: differences from other specialists working in social networks

One of the most popular channels for promotion is social networks. They use targeted advertising, which is customized to a specific target audience. This approach ensures the effectiveness of promotion, influencing those users who are already interested in buying. Setting up such advertising is done by a targetologist.

Often, the targetologist is confused with other specialists who work with social networks – an SMM manager or a marketer. An SMM specialist is directly involved in maintaining the page, creating and publishing content, and communicating with users. The marketer is engaged in more strategic tasks, approves the content plan, and thinks through a long-term action plan for promotion. The responsibilities of the targetologist include setting up, launching, and maintaining advertising campaigns on social networks. His task is to help the user close the need for this or that product by demonstrating the advantages of cooperation with a particular company.

And targeting also works great for increasing brand awareness, increasing consumer confidence. Such a feature will be relevant for businesses that are just entering the market and do not have credibility among the audience.

Targeting also solves reputational problems, for example, when the brand image is damaged. However, it should be understood that such issues can only be entrusted to an experienced specialist, in most cases, the targetologist has one task – to increase the number of customers through advertising.

This kind of promotion works more specifically than, for example, contextual promotion. In addition, it allows you to set up remarketing campaigns. The mechanism of remarketing is as follows: the user searches the network for a certain product, browses thematic sites on this topic, and compares the cost in various online stores. After a while, he sees ads for that product on his social networks, which further facilitates the purchase. In this case, the targeting algorithms selected the audience of users on a particular product viewed. 

What a targetologist does

It should be noted that such advertising is broadcast to people who are already interested in the product, which increases the chances of purchase. And here the effectiveness depends on the professionalism of the specialist. The targetologist should build a campaign so that the user no longer has any doubts, and he made a choice in favor of a particular proposal. To do this, it is important to demonstrate the benefits of the product and brand in a short video or in a single image. 

The targetologist conducts a long preparation before launching a campaign and studies the market, competitors, and the specifics of the target audience. In addition, the specialist needs to take into account the specifics of each social network and adjust the creativity for it. All this is quite complex and painstaking work, which requires the targetologist to take into account many factors. Otherwise, the budget will be wasted, and the leads will not come. To avoid this, it is important, before using the services of a specialist, to negotiate all the terms, and designate goals, and deadlines for achieving them.