Contextual advertising: benefits and features of the promotion tool Juli September 12, 2022

Contextual advertising: benefits and features of the promotion tool

contextual advertising

What tasks contextual advertising helps to solve

Contextual advertising is a popular promotional tool. Its effectiveness is due to the point impact on the target audience that has a need for the product. Contextual advertising is displayed in the search results and refers exclusively to the query of the user.

This promotional tool has a number of advantages:

  1. It helps to increase sales. The result of launching an advertising campaign can be seen quickly enough. With the right ads and the organization of displays, the influx of customers will not make you wait.
  2. Contextual advertising is excellent for promotion. Through ads, a large number of consumers will learn about your offer.
  3. Thanks to the transition from ads can greatly increase the amount of traffic to the site, which will have a positive impact on the resource in terms of search engine optimization.
  4. Contextual advertising is ideal for introducing consumers to a new product. It allows you to reach a large number of users, to make the product recognizable.
  5. Effective tool for brand promotion. Contextual advertising helps to distinguish the company from competitors and to make its name more recognizable. In addition, in this way you can increase the loyalty of the audience.
What is contextual advertising

Another popular approach among marketers is search engine optimization. However, its result should wait for some time, sometimes quite a long time. Contextual advertising makes it possible to get clients after the first broadcast of ads. In addition, the campaign allows you to take into account the smallest nuances, such as segmenting the target audience by age, social status, region, and other criteria. 

Ads can be broadcast at a certain time of day or a specific number of times a month. The Google Ads service provides detailed analytics, which collects data on the number of clicks, channels from which visitors come, and much more. Thus, by analyzing the metrics, you can modify campaign settings to improve campaign performance and optimize costs.

Google offers several options for placing ads. This can be an area above or below the search results. In addition, ads are also shown on the right side of the output.

Contextual advertising is divided into several types. 

Search. Ads are broadcast during the search for a particular product and will match the user’s request.

Thematic. In this case, ads are shown not in search results, but on various sites. In this case, ads must match the interests that the user has previously shown. Thus, advertising reminds the consumer of the need to buy a product in which he was already interested.

When launching an advertising campaign it is not necessary to immediately set a high price per click. It is better to start with a minimum and adjust rates in the process of attracting customers or their absence. This will allow you to avoid quickly spending the planned budget.