How to evaluate the effectiveness of advertising campaigns Juli August 15, 2022

How to evaluate the effectiveness of advertising campaigns

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What does the effectiveness of advertising campaigns depend on: an overview of parameters

The task of any site promotion is to increase sales and increase the number of clients. At the same time, companies can invest huge budgets in promotion, try new marketing strategies, and not get the desired result. For the right choice of tools and the realization of the goal, it is important to evaluate the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. You can make it pretty simple, focusing on only two parameters – the finances spent on promotion and the amount of profit received during the advertising campaign. If the expenses have paid off, then we can say that the promotion has been implemented successfully.

effectiveness of advertising campaigns

A popular option for attracting visitors to the site is contextual advertising. The degree of effectiveness of this promotion channel is evaluated by a number of criteria. 

  1. The number of visits to the site per day. A good result will be a figure of 50-100 visits per day. In this case, do not stop at this level, you need to strive for more and more visits and at the same time ensure that the cost of each visit is becoming less and less.
  2. The parameter of the ratio of potential clients to the number of daily visits. According to marketers, out of 100 visitors to the site, only 3-4 people will continue further interaction, for example, asking for advice. However, this statement is rather dubious, given that this parameter is influenced by various additional factors. For example, the number of potential customers depends on the information provided on the site. It should be noticeable, but at the same time succinct. It is important to briefly describe all the advantages of the company or product and leave contacts so that the potential client can contact a consultant. The site’s accessibility, design, functionality, and page loading speed also play an important role. There is no need to overload the resource with various graphic elements, and bright colors. The client needs to find the necessary information quickly and make it as convenient for him as possible.
  3. Contextual advertising is adjusted for certain parameters of the target audience, taking into account geographic location. Only in this way will it give results, and the company will not waste the budget.
  4. Another indicator of the effectiveness of such promotion – is the ratio of sales to the number of appeals from users. In this case, the productivity of managers, and the convenience of the form of reception of orders or feedback are important. Here it is necessary to analyze the work of all the specialists – consultants, and managers, and assess the usability of the site and other important aspects that affect the lead generation and processing of requests. Only in this way it will be possible to see a clear result of marketers’ activities. 

It should be understood that contextual advertising by itself will not bring income. It should be properly configured, first conducting an analysis of the market, competitors, and the target audience. Otherwise, the company’s expenses will grow, but the sales will not.