Wix-website promotion: how to perform search engine optimization on the website builder Juli April 17, 2023

Wix-website promotion: how to perform search engine optimization on the website builder

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How to effectively conduct SEO promotion of Wix sites

Website builders have long gained popularity among both developers and specialists without technical skills. The widespread use of these tools for creating websites was facilitated by their convenience and ease of use. Among a number of website builders, young and experienced developers distinguish Wix. It is attractive with a large number of features and templates that allow you to create a unique website with a stylish design. 

However, professionals who have chosen Wix can expect difficulties in the future. SEO promotion of Wix sites is quite a complex and time-consuming task. First, the designer does not allow you to manually fix the already prepared site map, although it successfully creates it automatically. Secondly, the loading speed of Wix sites is difficult to optimize because of the closed for editing code and full download of scripts and styles. And thirdly, the .htaccess file is also impossible to edit. Such restrictions do not allow for more detailed and in-depth customization, tying the hands of a specialist. 

But despite this, Wix allows you to add tools that “adjust” new sites to the current requirements of search engines. The platform also has a wide range of functionality for promoting Wix sites. 

For example, Wix gives you the ability to optimize your domain name by purchasing a paid plan, which allows you to choose a unique name for your domain. In addition, you can customize URLs for individual pages of the site. 

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Importantly, the builder allows you to optimize metadata, which is one of the most important aspects of SEO promotion. The title and description meta tags are important for Wix site promotion. On the platform, you can easily edit these values and see how the page will look in search engines. 

You can also edit page titles, which is very important for optimization because search engines recognize different levels of them. Headers help the search engine understand large amounts of text and determine which header is most important. For example, h1 is the main headline, h2 is at the next level, followed by h3, etc. 

The builder also automatically optimizes images for the site, compressing them as needed without loss of quality or converting them to WebP format. For better promotion of Wix sites, the platform allows you to add keywords to image URLs and edit the alt attribute. 

As for text optimization, Wix allows complete freedom. The main thing is to have the right approach to the creation of text, taking into account trends and relevant keywords, as well as making it attractive. In addition, the promotion of Wix sites can become more successful with the help of the SEO wizard tool, which will prompt how to correctly fill in the metadata and alt attribute.