Publishing a website on the Internet: what services will help quickly place a website on the network Juli February 13, 2023

Publishing a website on the Internet: what services will help quickly place a website on the network

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Features of website publishing services

The IT sphere is currently the most rapidly developing one. New developments and innovations are changing not only the approach to creating high-tech products but also their perception and interaction with online resources. Both large corporations and freelance developers seek not only to develop a high-quality and in-demand online resource but also to look for effective solutions and tools to place their products. Demand breeds supply: special resources have appeared on the global Web that helps create and host sites on leading cloud services.

For example, with the help of Netlify services, a developer can not only quickly deploy a ready-made website and application, but also test them. The service provides a free package, in which you can host from 1 to 3 websites, as well as access to a variety of plugins and features. Paying $10 a month, the user will get certain benefits and the opportunity to use CDN. 

With the Back4App platform, you can quickly host front-end applications. Its functionality provides the ability to connect different ways of interacting with programs to work with the development backend. Back4App has file storage and geographically distributed network infrastructure, the advantage of which is the ability to transfer media files to the user at high speed. The user has to pay $25 every month to use the full functionality of the service, but it’s also possible to work with the free version of the application.

place a website on the network

There are also repositories with embedded hosting platforms. GitHub and GitLab Pages are among the largest. The former has the ability, when connected to its repository, to collect the codes of various programming languages and turn them into a site. The newly created website will be assigned the domain This transformation is done in a single click. Among the disadvantages of using the platform are the inability to monetize sites with an assigned domain and cybersecurity issues. The undeniable advantage of the service is free access to it. 

Amazon S3 is a reliable service in the Amazon Web Services product line. Similar to Netlify, the service has rich functionality, in addition, it has a free tariff. Among the advantages of the service are high-speed data transfer and encryption, scalability, as well as the presence of a file organization system and application programming interface. Charging of paid access depends on the amount of data and starts at 0.02 dollars per gigabyte.

Another Netlify analog is Hostman, which offers more features and has a base of IT giants’ servers. To work with Hostman, all you need to do is connect to the GitHub or GitLab repository. The service will then build the project and publish it. Hostman will also issue a domain and set up encryption. It supports popular technologies like React, Vue, Next.js, Django, Node.js, Laravel, and others. Using the full functionality of the service will only cost $5 a month, but the service offers to try out its features during the free trial period.

The developers also need to pay attention to: 

  • Heroku service for publishing databases, backend-application, and websites; 
  • Firebase hosting, which allows you to publish applications on the Internet and configure the infrastructure; 
  • Webflow application with a visual website editor, CMS platform, and a utility for introducing dynamic elements to the site;
  • Timeweb Cloud, which allows you to create a collaboration space and database in an automatically scalable cloud.