Benefits of Pinterest as a platform for achieving business goals Juli October 10, 2022

Benefits of Pinterest as a platform for achieving business goals


Pinterest: a source of inspiration and a tool for brand promotion

In the past few years, analysts have noted the growing popularity of Pinterest as a business tool. According to the data, more than 83% of users have made purchases from brands whose pins they’ve encountered on the resource. 72% of the pinners surveyed say Pinterest inspires them to buy certain products, even if they didn’t originally plan to buy them.

Pins are posts that include a title and a link to the site in addition to an image. Pins are saved to a board, a collection of user-selected images that can be subscribed to by other pinners. The image you like can be shared with subscribers, and then it will appear in their feeds.

The advantage of pins is that they are indexed by Google, which opens up new possibilities. For example, in this way a company can expand its audience: a post posted on Pinterest can go to other social networks, which will contribute to brand and product recognition. 

Another positive aspect of being on the platform is that a single pin can provide user engagement for months or even about a year. No existing social network can provide this option.

Pinterest is a source of inspiration and new ideas, with an audience of interested users. The platform’s feed algorithm showcases pins that are tailored to people’s preferences. In addition, the resource offers the Pinterest Lens feature, which allows you to search for an object based on an uploaded photo.

Pinterest benefits

When it comes to pursuing business goals through Pinterest, tying your site to the platform is a good tool for attracting users. And on the platform there is no explicit binding to the date of publication, all pins can be shown in search results, both old and new. On Pinterest, it is possible to create a business account through which promotion can be done. In this case, in order for as many users as possible to see your posts, it is important to put in the right keywords and to keep in mind the relevance of the content you publish. It is better to choose a few targeted hashtags, they demonstrate greater effectiveness than a huge number of generalized words. An analysis of the pins that are trending on the platform will help you choose the right ones

Pinterest allows for advertising campaigns; they have the form of standard pins but cover a large audience of users. The cost of posting posts here is lower than on Facebook or Instagram, but thanks to the loyalty of users the conversion rate is quite high. It is possible to increase the effectiveness of advertising by specifying the geography of posts.

Experts note the excellent prospects for the development of Pinterest as a business platform, and you can start getting to know it now.