Brand Safety as an effective tool for creating a positive brand perception Juli July 18, 2022

Brand Safety as an effective tool for creating a positive brand perception

Brand Safety

Review of new Brand Safety algorithms from Weborama 

Brand Safety is a brand protection concept that prevents the brand from being mentioned in a negative way. A company’s online advertising should not be aired on resources or in publications that contradict the values and mission of the business. In this way, a positive brand image can be maintained.

Weborama has developed new solutions for Brand Safety. According to the creators, the two algorithms presented will allow better control of brand mentions in the network and thus prevent its negative presentation. The new approach will be useful not only for advertisers but also for site owners who want to improve the quality of their media products.

Weborama offers eleven basic Brand Safety algorithms for advertising publications, which are used as part of internationally accepted IA standards. First and foremost, these taxonomies focus on brand protection in 18+ content, publications that mention alcohol and illegal substances. In addition to these groups, analysts identified a number of topics that are also considered unfavorable for brand image.

The new algorithms were developed using Weborama’s GoldenFish tool, which performs complex analysis, checks page content, and detects the presence of negative posts. Such pages are categorized as non-brand safety. 

concept of Brand Safety

Brand Safety technologies are in increasing demand among advertisers and resource owners. And the more tools there are for digital promotion, the greater the interest in protecting one’s reputation. This is especially true for news sites, where a large amount of content on different topics is posted every day. Thanks to the new algorithms from Weborama, specialists can add additional categories of Brand Safety. This approach will provide maximum control over brand mentions and increase the effectiveness of the promotion. 

Many news sites already use the new solution from Weborama, it shows excellent results. The algorithms independently scan the semantic core and provide a detailed report on each instance of mentioning a company’s name.

In addition to these categories of banned content, there are more and more sensitive topics that can also harm the brand. For example, mentioning a company as part of a religious discussion or raising taboo topics will have a negative impact on building a positive image. 

Attention should also be paid to the design of advertising banners or website design. Too bright design and dynamic images with obtrusive animation also reduce the favorable perception of the company with the target audience. 

The Brand Safety concept reduces the risk of such mentions, and Weborama’s new algorithms improve the monitoring of a huge amount of content. They integrate perfectly into the functionality of popular sites, including Facebook and Google, and perform a detailed page analysis.