Promoting an IT company: how to cope and solve problems Juli February 20, 2023

Promoting an IT company: how to cope and solve problems

promoting an IT company

How to work correctly with the promotion of an IT company

The IT sphere is one of the most popular and developing business niches at the moment. The number of young IT companies is growing every day, thereby provoking serious competition in the industry. In order to surpass the competition and become visible to the potential client, it is necessary to work properly with the promotion of the company. However, in the IT industry, it can be difficult for some companies to develop a customized SEO promotion. 

IT companies often face all kinds of problems in promotion, but fortunately, there is a solution for every problem. For example, there are situations where an IT product is difficult to intuitively understand. The client is repelled by complicated terms – and he rejects the proposal, not understanding its essence. In this case, the solution may be a blog where the company will publish materials written in plain language and explain the obscure terms and benefits of the product. Content should be published not only on the site but also on thematic platforms, as well as on social networks. 

Here are a few tips to help promote the company:

  • A comfortable and stylish website can be a great solution. A quality business card site can attract more customers than you might think. An intuitive interface and a stylish adaptive design are integral parts of any IT company’s promotion. 
  • In addition, customers often choose a company based on their reviews. The review sites will help you to expand the information about yourself. To stimulate the client to write reviews on special sites, you can use bonuses or discounts. It is also important to monitor what they write about the company and respond to negative reviews in time. Practice shows that video reviews are more trusted. That’s why companies are recommended to consider this format of reviews and record videos, for example, during a meeting with a client.  
  • Participation in thematic offline and online events also helps promote the company. Such meetings are attended not only by colleagues and competitors but also by potential customers interested in a particular service. 
  • Since the IT field is concerned with many types of business, some companies have a very wide audience. For example, both private bakeries and woodworking firms will be able to use their digital services. In order to facilitate communication with representatives of different businesses, it is necessary to adapt the product for each of them. To do this, you need to develop landing pages on the site for the individual services that are most popular. 
  • Contextual advertising segmentation is one tool that allows you to work with a wide target audience. By creating separate creative advertising for each segment by niche and type of service, the company can attract more potential customers. 
promoting an IT company on the Internet

However, attracting a customer is not such a difficult problem; it’s another matter to keep them. It is important to constantly keep in touch with your audience through correspondence. After all, letters should be sent not only to potential customers but to existing ones as well. 

24/7 customer support is a very important tool. Potential and, especially, already established customers very much appreciate the fact that the company can solve their problem at any time of the day and day of the week. 

And one more extremely important and obvious factor that affects the promotion is the appearance of the site at the top of Google. It is necessary to engage in a comprehensive website promotion, analyzing the errors and determining its performance. The number of visitors to the site, the conversion rate, and the number of pages that refer to the resource are the raw data, which should be determined at the outset. Then you should formulate a specific goal, for example, “get 50 sales every month,” or “increase the number of visitors by 50% by the end of March. 

Having prepared the ground for SEO promotion, you can begin to optimize the site. It is performed in several stages. The first stage is an audit of the site, during which errors are detected and the interface is tested. The second stage is the analysis of competitors by studying their activities. The third stage is the collection of the semantic core, during which key search words are determined. The fourth stage is improving the structure of the site when the site creates separate pages and is optimized for key issues. The fifth stage – is the internal optimization of the site, during which metatags and headings, images, texts, adaptive versions of the site, and URLs are optimized. And the last, sixth stage is external optimization by creating corporate accounts in social networks.