How to audit Google Ads correctly: peculiarities of an account audit Juli October 16, 2023

How to audit Google Ads correctly: peculiarities of an account audit

Google Ads audit

Why regular audits of Google Ads are needed

Google’s Ads service contains many tools for setting up and running contextual advertising. Even though it offers automatic and manual settings and all processes are optimized for maximum efficiency, errors can occur. For this reason, experts recommend regularly auditing Google Ads to monitor the situation.

Auditing your account helps evaluate your advertising campaigns’ performance and effectiveness. This way, problems can be detected quickly, and changes can be made to get better results. Various automated auditing solutions are available but don’t always show an accurate picture. Therefore, it is advisable to do a manual audit periodically.

The procedure includes evaluating advertising campaigns, analyzing ads, and dividing them into groups. In addition, paying attention to the relevance of keywords is essential. 

Google Ads analysis helps:

  • optimize the cost of contextual promotion;
  • increase the capacity of campaigns;
  • increase the efficiency of advertising process management;
  • see the overall picture of advertising campaigns and how to improve;
  • Identify mistakes that reduce effectiveness.
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Checking the account

Checking the account starts with determining whether the current situation aligns with business objectives. Understanding what outcome you want to achieve with the tool is essential. If the service helps to realize the objective, you can move on to the next step. 

When examining the account structure, you should start by checking the names of the campaigns. They should inform the process’s essence, making it easier to organize groups of ads. The Ads service includes different advertising networks and a media or trade network. It is necessary to analyze the use of each network and the appropriateness of broadcasting ads on it. Promoting the product and the brand itself is important; if such a campaign has not yet been created, the situation needs to be rectified.

When auditing the service, pay attention to the budget distribution: how even it is and which campaigns require more investment. This way, you can plan future expenditures and understand the income ratio to costs.

While Google Ads has automatic ad settings, it is better to do it manually. This approach will allow you to consider all the characteristics of your target audience, product, and other essential characteristics. Paying attention to the service’s synchronization with Google Analytics is also important.

When reviewing a group of ads, you need to consider the number of keywords in each ad. Groups should not compete with each other. Otherwise, they will be ineffective.

You can find mistakes in preparing your ads and eliminate those not working by analyzing keywords. When properly equipped, the account should have a list of stop words. 

After the audit is completed, it is necessary not just to eliminate the errors but to understand the reason for them to avoid similar situations.