Gathering a base for mailing lists: useful tips for effective email marketing Juli August 8, 2022

Gathering a base for mailing lists: useful tips for effective email marketing

gathering a mailing base yourself

How to build a mailing list base yourself

Email marketing is an effective promotional tool that not all marketers appreciate. However, it should be understood that it will only work if you gather the right base for mailing. The greater the number of users in it, the higher the potential conversion.

There are a variety of options for collecting the base, one of them are technical forms, such as pop-up. The latter comes in different forms, but when used correctly and with working functionality, they all produce results. However, it should be understood that the use of pop-ups can irritate users. To eliminate this risk, it is better to choose a variant with side placement, which can be easily minimized and is not intrusive. You can set up a pop-up yourself or turn to professionals.

You can also use the standard contact form that is located on the site to collect the base for the mailing list. Usually, it does not have a field for email, but you can set it up so that after you send the contact form, an additional window will appear for specifying the email address.

An effective tool for preparing an email newsletter base is a landing page. It is a separate page aimed at a single target action. A landing page will help increase conversion rates and can serve as an option for obtaining user addresses. One of its types is the signature page, which is aimed at selling not the service or product itself, but the mailing list. 

gathering a mailing base

Such a landing page is used in areas where there is a long transaction cycle, the user spends a certain amount of time making purchase decisions. This includes the sale of real estate, cars, and travel services. However, just creating a signature page is not enough, you need to think about how it will be visited by visitors. You can place a link to it on your main site, create a special pop-up or use social networks for promotion. In addition, if you’re sending out a mailing to clients via text messaging or messengers, you can also include the address of the page in the message. 

A lead magnet is also used to add to the mailing list base. It will help increase the number of targeted users who come through the various forms on the site. In this case a kind of exchange works – you offer the visitor some useful information and services, and he leaves his contact information in return. For example, a lead magnet can be a free e-book, a list of useful resources, educational materials, and more.

A tool for collecting emails is also a chatbot. In this case, an offer to subscribe to a mailing list is added to the standard communication scenario with the client.

A number of companies offer to buy a ready-made base with e-mail addresses, but this variant is not always effective, because the users from it may not correspond to the target audience. That’s why it’s better to collect the base yourself.