SMM tools that will be useful for business promotion Juli March 21, 2022

SMM tools that will be useful for business promotion


SMM-trends: an overview of the most relevant approaches 

Social networks have long ceased to be just entertainment. It is now a multifunctional and effective tool for conducting business. With their help, you can attract customers, present new products, increase the recognition and income of the company. For promotion through social networks, SMM is responsible, which presents a wide range of tools to maximize the potential of the platforms.  

It should be noted that SMM has already gone beyond just filling pages in social networks with content. Now it is a full-fledged marketing promotion, which includes a variety of approaches. Here, as in other areas, a big role is played by trends and the importance of tracking them. 

One of the trends is cooperation with Influencers. Bloggers are a powerful promotional tool, which works great for businesses of all kinds and types, including B2B. And if previously cooperation with Influencers with a large audience was considered effective, now microbloggers with a small number of subscribers who actively respond to every publication or story show good promotion results. 

It’s no secret that social media is a great platform for the e-commerce market. Online stores successfully operate on Instagram and Facebook, and the platforms perform two functions simultaneously. On the one hand, through social networks companies promote their products, increase sales volumes and the number of clients. On the other hand, social networks allow you to actively present your own brand, create a certain image, and not only increase profits but also build trust in the business, its value.  

SMM trends

The trend for 2021-2022, and most likely for the next few years, are short videos. It all started with TikTok, and gradually other social networks introduced similar functionality – YouTube Shorts and Instagram Reels. Short videos give an opportunity to hold the attention of users and in a concise form to convey the main thoughts. Thanks to them you can acquaint your audience with a brand, a new product, and demonstrate the benefits of the company. In fact, it is advertising, but due to this format, it is perceived as UGC or user-generated content.

Personalization has affected not only customers but also companies. Another relevant SMM tool is considered to be the creation of a brand face. It is important for people to understand who is behind the business and shapes its success. They want to know more about the personality of the manager and founder. In this case, the promotion is based on getting to know the team and demonstrating the “inner workings”. The main goal is to show the audience that the brand is not just a combination of business processes, it is a team of people united by a common idea. This approach is implemented through the publication of stories of employees and the founder of the brand. 

SMM is not limited to the above-mentioned tools and approaches. Social media promotion has enormous opportunities, and not taking advantage of them is a fatal mistake for any company.