Advertising channels: popular options for promoting a company or product Juli March 28, 2022

Advertising channels: popular options for promoting a company or product

channels of advertising

What are the most popular advertising channels for promotion

It is hard to imagine a business that has succeeded without advertising. It is an indispensable tool for promoting a product or company that accompanies us everywhere – in transport, on the street, on television, and on the Internet. There are different channels of advertising, which are not always equally effective. For example, for a large-scale market entry, you need to pay attention to some ways, but to work with a small target audience will be effective quite a different mechanism of interaction.

To advertise brought maximum results, you need to start with the formation of goals and a promotion strategy. After that you can move on to the selection of advertising channels. They fall into two main categories – online and offline sources. The first refers to all advertising that takes place on the Internet, here among other options contextual promotion stands out. It consists of ads that appear at the top and bottom of the search engine results. Contextual advertising is set up through search engine services, such as Google Ads and Yandex.Direct. With this approach, you can broadcast ads about a product or company to a large audience of people at once, track their conversions and demand dynamics.  

Targeted advertising also broadcasts ads with a specific message, but it does so on social networks. This channel is an effective tool for promoting an online store on Facebook and Instagram, attracting an audience on YouTube. However, for targeting to give the desired result, it is necessary to carefully study the target audience, and form ads already under it.

channels of advertising: online and offline tools

A popular tool is SMM, which is used for promotion in social networks. There are many different options – video content, advertising integration with bloggers, running ads within the platforms. Moreover, the possibilities of SMM are huge, social networks allow influence on different categories of users with a variety of interests.

Offline advertising is considered a classic option for promotion, widespread before the emergence of online channels. A well-known option is the demonstration of commercials on television. The cost of such promotion is quite impressive, but if you pay attention to small regional channels, you can at a moderate budget increase recognition of the company and its products.  

Advertising on the radio also works effectively, but only if the target audience of the brand is well studied and coincides with the target audience of the specific radio. Despite the development of online channels, promotion in this way does not lose relevance and demonstrates excellent results.

Another classic and common tool is outdoor advertising on billboards. In most cases, they place information about discounts and promotions, and the opening of new stores. Thanks to the billboards you can reach a large audience, bright and large advertising catches the eye and is remembered.

Remember that the ideal advertising channel does not exist, sometimes you need to use multiple instruments for promotion, and in some cases – to focus on one. It all depends on the goals of the advertising campaign and the characteristics of the target audience.