Why every company should have a brand book: features of the document Juli October 31, 2022

Why every company should have a brand book: features of the document

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What tasks are solved by the brand book: its creation

A brand book is a document that contains information about a brand. It includes not just a description of the company’s activities, philosophy, and values. All the elements of style, peculiarities of the logo design, font of the name, color scheme, corporate policy, and much more are fixed in the brand book in detail.

Many people confuse the concept of a brand book with another corporate document – the guidebook. The latter contains information that deals more with the features of the logo image, and requirements for its size, color, and fonts.

The brand book is a complete guide for presenting the company in the market, it allows us to systematize all the components of the visual style of the brand. In addition, the document reflects the company’s policy and the construction of its image and values. A brand book is a working tool for designers, marketers, and HR- and PR specialists. It is the basis for creating the company’s products, designing its packaging, and conducting advertising campaigns.

There are two main tasks of a brand book:

  • It serves as a detailed manual. Here the elements that form the corporate style and values of the company are collected and described. And each component has its own logic of use and understanding it, allows you to generate new ideas that will fit into the overall perception of the brand. In addition, the brand book helps to form an effective product promotion strategy, which will not go against the mission of the company as a whole. This document serves as a kind of encyclopedia for specialists.
  • It demonstrates the implementation of corporate identity. The brand book contains examples of the brand’s promotional products, corporate clothing, office, and more. They serve as templates for the production of new printing or promotional activities. The same applies to packaging or product design – examples of past products allow you to create new ones without deviating from the adopted corporate style.
creating the brand book

By studying the brand book, the specialist understands which elements and approaches can be used and which can harm the company’s image. In this way, all the components of the brand will remain unchanged, regardless of whether the new specialist is working with the company or the author of the logo. For example, the brand book clearly indicates the proportions for the logo and brand name, font, shade and background numbers, and other important components.

The development of such a document is no less important than thinking through a brand name or company name. Before this, experts conduct a comprehensive analysis of the market, trends, and features of the target audience. Gathering this information, they create a brand concept or several versions of it. They also develop a promotion strategy, which helps outline a common line in the formation of the company’s image.

A lot of specialists are involved in creating the brand book, it is painstaking and complex work, but very important for the development and perception of the company in the market.