Augmented reality in mobile apps Juli May 8, 2023

Augmented reality in mobile apps

augmented reality in apps

How to improve the usability of augmented reality in mobile apps

Augmented reality, or AR, has become a new trend gaining popularity. Many major brands have begun to actively use AR technology to demonstrate their products. Such giants as Nike and Ikea released their own applications with AR. Large companies quickly realized that augmented reality technology will help sell products better by demonstrating how they will look in the client’s room – if it is furniture, or on a potential buyer – if it is shoes. 

However, it is worth bearing in mind that the new technology is only penetrating into the daily lives of smartphone users. It has already been repeatedly observed that AR features have a negative impact on the usability of applications. Often users face such problems as the difficulty of detection, poorly developed text of instructions, and low clarity of icons and designations. 

In addition, some users get lost as they become familiar with new technology. Unknown, complex features can intimidate the user and they will quickly lose interest in the application. To avoid this, the use of AR in an application should be justified, i.e. it should be of some value to the user, useful, and interesting to him/her. For example, there are e-commerce applications that allow the customer to see how the product will look in their room. For these applications, it’s important to develop realistic models that are true to scale and highly accurate. Poor graphics and poor scalability will only alienate the potential buyer. 

augmented reality

It’s also important to simplify the recognition of AR features in e-commerce applications. Difficulty in recognition is one of the most common problems with such applications. Many users don’t even realize that the applications they use all the time have such features. To solve this problem, you should add visual indicators next to products that have an AR feature. It’s also important that these indicators have a clear caption so that the user doesn’t lose sight of the unfamiliar icon.  

It is worth giving clear and understandable instructions for using the app with AR. It is important to specify how far away from the smartphone the user should be or what movements should be made to start a certain function. New users will be guided through the application by cues that guide them through the process of using the application. The main thing is that the instructions and tips should be appropriate, and written in readable, clear, and understandable text. 

Attention should be paid to the text and controls. It is very important that they are clearly highlighted and do not blend into the background. In addition, the text and other elements should not clutter the screen and obscure the AR functionality, but should complement it.

The use of sound will be useful both during the introduction of the user to the application and later on. Sound can be used in addition to prompts and as an additional tool to enhance immersion.