3D modeling: popular programs for creating animations Juli June 6, 2022

3D modeling: popular programs for creating animations

3D modeling

3D modeling as a perfect tool for creativity

Modern technology opens up enormous opportunities for everyone wishing to join in the creation of cartoons, computer games, and various kinds of animations. Now you do not necessarily have the talent, you just need to pick the best program, have patience in your study – and the road to 3D modeling is open!

The choice of such programs is quite large, but there are the most popular options, which will suit both experienced professionals and beginners. 3D modeling technology is used in a huge number of areas, from creating VR commercials to architecture and medicine. The development of a product begins with a concept, which shows what the future object will look like. Then, thanks to 3D technology, the concept takes on the desired appearance. In order for the final result to live up to expectations, it is essential to have quality software. 

One such software is Autodesk Maya. This program offers users a good selection of tools for modeling. The functionality allows you to select the desired fabric, and texture, it supports solid-state physics and other elements that are considered indispensable to help 3D specialists. However, Maya is not designed for beginners, as learning all its features requires a lot of time.

Another program, ZBrush, is ideal for designing organic shapes, but it is also handy for solid surfaces. It can also be used to create textures and UV maps. The program allows you to design human and animal shapes and it has great tools for sculpting. As for the level of skill to use ZBrush, experience is still needed, but minimal.

3D modeling ZBrush

Many professionals use Houdini to create special effects. Houdini is a great helper for outstanding scenes in movies and for solving non-standard tasks. You can appreciate Houdini for experienced professionals, but the developer offers a light version of Houdini Apprentice that is suitable for students or novice modelers.

Cinema 4D is designed for professionals who are making their first steps in 3D modeling. However, professionals are also actively using the program thanks to its large set of tools. Cinema 4D allows you to engage in sculpting, animation, drawing, rendering, and creating complex compositions. 

The program from the developer of 3ds Max Autodesk is widely used to create movies, music videos, and commercials. It has excellent options for simulating different textures, as well as fur and hair. Despite the extensive functionality, the program is available for beginners and professionals alike. There are video courses and instructions that will allow you to quickly find the best tool and learn how to work with it.

The listed software is just a small list of options for 3D modeling. You can choose the best program and improve your skills, and later move on to more complex tasks and software.