How to retain customers on the site: effective strategies Juli April 11, 2022

How to retain customers on the site: effective strategies

to retain customers on the site

What to do to retain customers on the site

For marketers, you can find a lot of publications on the web on how to attract users to a particular digital channel, but there is much less information on how to retain customers on the site. And the second question is much more important, because when a user comes to a resource, he may leave it in a few minutes, and all the efforts will not bring the desired result. In order to keep your customer with you for a long time, you need to take care of the maximum convenience of the site. In addition, it will be effective to use a variety of tools to engage the audience. 

One of the main ways to increase engagement is to have an online consultant. It demonstrates to users that the company is always in touch and ready to help with various issues. If the consultant is set up properly, it is possible to increase the time of the client’s presence on the site. For example, at the moment of closing a tab, the widget becomes active and switches the attention of the person. However, in this case, it is important not to go overboard, otherwise, too intrusive a pop-up window will scare away the client, and he will quickly leave the page. The optimal solution for the online consultant would be to activate it some time after the user has logged on to the site, for example in 1-2 minutes.

Useful tools for customer retention are pop-up widgets. They can be presented in the form of an omnichannel button that includes various communication channels. Widgets will also be useful for information about a webinar or a discount. It should also be understood that pop-ups should attract attention, not irritate. It is important to take care of the design of the widgets, choose not too bright colors.

How to retain customers on the site longer

Funnel. It represents a specific algorithm of actions that are most often committed by the client on the site. The funnel helps to predict how the user will behave and on the basis of that offers him the most appropriate solution.

If the user is already on the site, he is interested in some question, and he turned to chat, then you can apply a number of strategies. The latter will help to retain the user and provide him with the information he needs.

First and foremost, you need to take care of a quick response to an appeal. The goal is to provide the client with the necessary information before he leaves the site. In addition, it should be remembered that communication should be polite. It is better to give a detailed answer to the question, but clearly on the subject of the question.

All this can take care of a chat-bot, which will help you choose the right product or service, will advise on various issues. And the cost of developing a chatbot is much lower than the cost of an additional employee.