Programmatic advertising: major trends Juli April 24, 2023

Programmatic advertising: major trends

programmatic advertising

What to know about programmatic advertising 

Over the past few years, programmatic advertising has continued to grow rapidly and is widely used in campaigns by brands of all sizes and levels. This year will be no exception. New trends in programmatic advertising are expected and have already been noticed by specialists in Europe and the United States. 

One such trend is the rejection of cookies. Last year, Google said that in 2023 the company will abandon cookies, in place of which will be the data of the First Party. However, this innovation will be available to large brands and enterprises, and smaller players will need a partner that can share First Party data. But the good news is that mobile apps do not need cookies. This is true for both Android and iOS.

Another trend that has continued since the beginning of the pandemic is streaming TV. Streaming services continue to be an ideal platform for programmatic advertising, providing ample opportunity for its development. And a TV format like Connected TV, also known as CTV, continues to grow in popularity. In addition, CTV is among the top three platforms for advertisers in emerging advertising markets, making it a promising niche for programmatic advertising. 

The video game industry is as popular as television, and the mobile game niche continues to break records in terms of the number of users. In the first quarter of last year alone, there were more than 700,000 mobile games on Google Play, which makes this market a lucrative advertising channel. At the same time, programmatic advertising can solve common problems, such as finding TA, with its advantages: automation, more accurate targeting, and the ability to reach TA at the right time.

programmatic advertising in 2023

A creative approach will be an excellent complement to the already existing benefits of programmatic advertising. Such approaches include personalization using data and dynamic creatives to find the target audience and increase conversions, video ads to increase clickability and engagement, testing and optimization, and mobile-first – interactive ads for mobile phones and reaching the appropriate audience. 

And the last trend is omnichannel, which means interaction with potential customers through different channels: the website, social networks, mobile phones, outdoor advertising, etc. This year, omnichannel will not be a new approach, maintaining its previous relevance. Given that programmatic advertising involves different formats and can be used both on personal computers and mobile devices, as well as DOOH and CTV, the omnichannel can be the most successful strategy. 

Some programmatic advertising trends remain relevant. There are also new trends, which open up room for experimentation and the possibility of finding a new way to promote with the help of programmatic advertising. In any case, current trends will help marketers keep their hand on the pulse, which does not negate the possibility of returning to the already proven trends of previous years.