Neural networks: an overview of AI-based tools for creating visuals Juli September 18, 2023

Neural networks: an overview of AI-based tools for creating visuals

neural networks

How neural networks help solve design studio problems

Neural networks are at the stage of development where their capabilities can be used for many tasks. Artificial intelligence helps to create visual content and write articles and reviews. Many companies have noted their effectiveness and are actively using neural networks to automate day-to-day processes.

AI services are an excellent tool for increasing the productivity of design studios. When selecting tools, experts focus on the following features:

  • availability of cloud storage;
  • the ability to work together on a project;
  • protection of personal data.

Experts selected and tested three applications over time based on the outlined requirements. 


Midjourney neural network is considered one of the most popular visual creation services. It has been released relatively long and is actively used to capture various subjects’ images. The tool was designed as a closed ecosystem, and the developers did not envisage a separate application. The whole process is done through the Discord platform. The service offers several subscription options, depending on the volume of images generated.

neural networks as a tool for design

Stable Diffusion

The second popular neural network is Stable Diffusion, which is more advanced in customisation. In addition, users note that it generates better content than Midjourney based on set characteristics. The service has its own app, making it much more convenient. Stable Diffusion’s artificial intelligence model generates more realistic visuals, while Midjourney is more artistic. One disadvantage of the service is that it is difficult to install, and there are certain technical features for devices.

Dall-e 2

The realism of the generated content is a feature of Dall-e 2. In addition, there is a flexible system of settings. There is not service application, and all the work users can do on the programme’s website with an intuitive management console. The main drawback of the AI is that users cite the presence of only square-shaped pictures. In addition, there can be problems when logging into the software under the same account from different IP addresses.

Features of using neural networks

Although all three neural networks have their advantages, in most cases, they don’t fit for all tasks. The main reason is the need for a precise mechanism for assigning commercial rights to images. Everyone can now use neural networks, making it difficult for businesses to operate. However, over time, there will be rules governing the use of AI in different areas. 

The progress of neural networks is happening extremely fast, and we should expect it to accelerate in the coming years. Therefore, companies can optimise their business processes with AI in mind today, familiarising themselves with what digital intelligence can give them now and in the future. This approach will improve operational efficiency and keep pace with global digitalisation.