How native advertising works and why brands need it Juli May 22, 2023

How native advertising works and why brands need it

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Native advertising: rules of application

From a simple and convenient way to tell people about a product in an unobtrusive way, native advertising has become a full-fledged and very effective advertising tool. With the development of social networks, the opportunities for its use are also expanding. 

Nowadays, social networks offer a huge number of tools for setting up an advertising campaign, allowing for detailed segmentation of the target audience. You can select age and gender, country of residence, time of ad display, and even the user’s device type and interests. These settings allow the advertiser to create a detailed portrait of their target audience and use native advertising more effectively. 

Unlike direct advertising, this type of ad can engage the user with the advertised product and even become useful to them. The image and headline of such an ad must match the user’s query and the essence of the ad. Brand mentions are also allowed. 

The main purpose of a native ad is to provide useful information to a potential customer while blending in with the surrounding content. In this way, the ad will attract more visitors to the company’s website or page, increase brand loyalty and stimulate sales. 

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To use a native ad correctly, you must first identify your target audience and create a detailed portrait of them. Then you need to enter the parameters of the target audience into the settings of the ad campaign. 

A team of experts will help to avoid mistakes and take full advantage of native advertising. Not knowing how to use advertising tools can lead to a waste of time and money, or even to a refusal to use such advertising in the future. Specialists will be able to properly set up an advertising campaign, which will avoid mistakes and give the opportunity to experiment.

In order for the experts to do what the client needs, it is important to work out the terms of reference in detail. Quite simply, if the brand does not know what it wants from advertising, the experts will not be able to build the advertising company effectively. Therefore, the TOR should be written down to the smallest detail – this increases the chances of success. 

Once the ToR is written and the expert is found, it is important to give him access to statistical data. A specialist should be able to perform optimization based on metrics or statistics of the brand advertising campaign. 

Another important factor in the effective use of native advertising is the monitoring of the advertising market. Nowadays, trends change with great speed, and what was relevant yesterday is no longer of interest today. Therefore, it is very important to keep up with and understand modern trends and even memes.