Proper lead generation as the basis for developing a service-oriented IT company Juli September 4, 2023

Proper lead generation as the basis for developing a service-oriented IT company

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Lead generation: where to start the funnel formation process

Getting the sales process right is important for IT service companies to succeed. In this case, lead generation and its proper construction are key roles.

Forming the funnel is best started by finding companies helpful in sales and brand promotion. This process is done through the employees of such companies, and their contacts can be found through the LinkedIn platform or email lists. However, before compiling a list of companies, it is essential to understand your ideal customer portrait. You need to be clear about their needs and what your company offers. 

It is better to draw up several variants of such a portrait, and for each of them, think of a different mechanism for providing services, considering the characteristics of customers and their problems. This approach increases the efficiency of lead generation and helps you focus on potential customers without wasting time on irrelevant leads. This will allow you to optimise your marketing costs and build your promotion strategy more accurately.

Customer characteristics

When developing a customer profile, it is better to record a list of the main characteristics that the customer should have. Such a profile should be as informative as possible but without unnecessary details that are not useful. For the leads you are interested in, you need to write down characteristics such as the company’s income, specifics, location and the market niche in which the business operates. Once the profile has been drawn up, you can search for companies that match it. Finding several contacts for each company is advisable, increasing the chances of fruitful communication.

The next step is to create an offer for customers. This is about lead generation scripts. You should be able to communicate with your contacts through different channels, e.g. via email, social media or LinkedIn.

Collecting information manually takes a lot of time and can only sometimes provide complete information. The best solution, in this case, is automated lead generation, which ensures a high-quality process and reasonable conversion rates. 

start the lead generation

Tools for collecting contacts

There are many tools for collecting contacts of potential customers and sending out offers. For example, the Reply service automatically analyses LinkedIn according to set characteristics. As a result, in a matter of minutes, you will have an extensive database of emails that can be added to a multi-channel mailing list.

Another tool is Lemlist. You can use it to create personalised emails. The software generates a separate branch of correspondence for each client, which makes it easier to analyse the actions.

A CRM system can be considered a basic service for lead generation and customer interaction. Such tools allow you to consolidate information in a single database and increase the efficiency of your company as a whole.