Lead conversion: the main steps of customer follow-up Juli January 22, 2024

Lead conversion: the main steps of customer follow-up

lead conversion

Lead conversion: tips for setting up the process

Lead conversion is the process of turning a consumer into a potential customer. You need to move them through the sales funnel. Then a person just interested in a product becomes a customer who makes a deal.

Preparing for conversions should start with a target audience analysis to identify the characteristics of potential customers. In this case, it is necessary to find out what type of communication consumers prefer and build a conversion technique based on this. A thorough study of your target audience will allow you to determine the most effective strategy for promoting your product. This stage also involves creating a portrait of an ideal customer. The more closely it corresponds to the real representatives of the target audience, the better the advertising campaign results will be.

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What’s important to consider

It is essential to attract consumers to you. You can do this by showing them that you care with gifts. Personalised promotions and discounts work well, such as price reductions for repeat purchases or on a particular day of the week. In this case, marketers recommend using the AIDA method, which smoothly leads the consumer to a purchase decision. Such offers provide an incentive to use the company’s services again.

  • Conversion success also depends on how attentive you are to the potential customer. And here, it is essential not to overdo it so that the care does not become intrusive. It is enough to email or call the customer regularly and ask about their problems or questions. In this way, contact is established with the consumer, which allows you to keep his attention and remind him of the company and its products. Thanks to various services, it is possible to set up automatic mailings with a certain regularity, which makes the manager’s job much easier.
  • When dealing with leads, don’t forget the call to action. People often need to be encouraged to make a decision, but this needs to be done gently. The call to action should be personalised and tailored to the individual. Well-crafted, targeted calls to action (CTAs) can help.
  • Modern automation tools allow you to increase your lead conversion rate many times over. They can accompany a large number of potential customers at the same time, with a unique approach for each. 
  • Remember the different communication channels. One category of leads may be happy with email, while others prefer messengers or phone calls. Target audience segmentation allows you to see and use these nuances to attract and retain customers.

Converting leads into loyal customers is a controlled and deliberate process based on a thorough knowledge of your consumers and consistent marketing actions.