Why do you need an HTML sitemap Juli March 13, 2023

Why do you need an HTML sitemap

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What is the function of the HTML sitemap and how to make it correctly? 

Sitemap HTML, aka HTML map, is a structural element of many websites. The average user cannot always appreciate the importance of such a sitemap. Not even every average marketer knows about all its functions, how to create and customize it, and how important it is for SEO promotion. 

In simple words, the HTML map is needed to help users navigate the site. It is a directory of all the sections of the site, which are placed in hierarchical order – the more important section, the higher it will be placed on the page. More often than not, a sitemap is located at the very bottom of the page – the so-called “basement of the site”. 

The content of the map – only necessary and useful information. While developing the map you should add the hierarchy of website sections: main categories and child subcategories, a page with contact details, payment, and delivery terms, as well as general information about the company (section “About Us”). At the same time, the map should not include pages with product cards, filter results, and articles from the company’s blog. 

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The HTML map not only makes it easier for users to navigate the site but also for search bots. Thus, Google bots scan the map and get information from there about which pages of the site are priority and important, which further helps speed up the crawling of those pages.

There is such a concept as “site depth” – the number of clicks a user needs to make to get to the desired section. For example, to find the product you want, you need to select several categories and subcategories. A sitemap can simplify this path and reduce the number of clicks. 

To be effective, an HTML map must have basic properties: first, be easy to use and intuitive, and structured; second, contain current and working links, constantly updated automatically. For voluminous web resources create multi-page maps. 

Some popular resources have gotten creative with their sitemap. For example, some have it in the form of a calendar, while others have an annotation of each link, so the user knows exactly where he will go.  

You can make an HTML sitemap with SiteMap Generator. It will help you create different types of maps, but there is a limit – the free version is available for sites that contain up to five hundred pages. Another way is to use plugins developed for the CMS on which your site is running. For example, WP Sitemap Page for WordPress. You can also use specialized programs such as Netpeak Spider.

Thus, if you understand it, an HTML map can be a great tool for both promoting the site and attracting new users.