Green PR as a new tool for brand promotion Juli July 24, 2023

Green PR as a new tool for brand promotion

Green PR

How Green PR helps increase consumer loyalty

The magnitude and consequences of climate issues are forcing people to use environmental principles for different aspects of life. Consumers are more consciously choosing brands, guided not only by their products and prices but also by the companies’ principles and commitment to climate strategy. Companies are trying to demonstrate their contribution to environmental preservation to their audiences through green PR.

According to Forbes’ analysis, 88% of shoppers prefer businesses actively involved in environmental issues. 66% of respondents are willing to pay a higher price for environmentally friendly products. The consciousness of choice, which is traceable in purchasing various goods, makes businesses resort to a Green PR policy. This way, brands want to attract consumers’ attention, broadcasting their fight against climate change. However, often such promotion is, in fact, greenwashing. Companies need to make more effort to fulfill their promises to create visibility for the audience. In this case, the business risks losing customer loyalty.

An example of Green PR is initiatives of companies to reject plastic, replacing packaging with boxes made of recycled materials. Businesses often have various collaborations with environmental organizations and sponsor animal shelters. In addition to real benefits for the environment and society, such activities are aimed at promoting the brand.

Green PR actions

Green PR is an effective tool for attracting consumers

Still, it is essential to follow several rules for such an advertising campaign not to become a reputation scandal.

Basis. PR must be supported by official documents, such as studies conducted and actual results of eco-initiatives.

Transparency. You should be prepared for activists to check the company’s accounts. Therefore, if the business wants to hide specific points, it is better not to resort to such PR. We are talking about the number of emissions and using particular materials that harm the climate.

Accessibility of the initiative. People should clearly understand what the company is doing to improve the environment and how consumers can contribute. At the same time, people only want to put in a little effort, but at the same time, they need to be part of something that will benefit society. 

When implementing a Green PR campaign, it should be understood that the brand will be under scrutiny at this point, which means you must be prepared to respond quickly to certain situations. Specialists should be able to answer the audience’s questions, even the most uncomfortable, to explain the features of the initiative and its goals. Developing a response strategy in advance is better for preparing answers to the topics relevant to the audience.

Public attention to environmental issues will only increase. And those brands contributing to their solution will be more in demand.