Types of Google ads: how to choose the perfect promotion option Juli March 18, 2024

Types of Google ads: how to choose the perfect promotion option

types of Google Ads

What types of Google ads are available: an overview of popular options

There are different types of Google ads from which you can choose the best option. Each of these types is effective, but when choosing, it is important to take into account both the specifics of such advertising and the specifics of the business itself.

The Google Ads service offers nine types of advertising, the most popular of which are

  • search;
  • media;
  • video.

In addition, there is the possibility of advertising through Purchases, Applications, Discovery, Local Services, Smart Advertising and the “Maximum Efficiency” package. Channels include various Google services such as search, YouTube, the Play Store app marketplace and Google Shopping. Advertising campaigns can also be run on third-party online resources.

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Search advertising as effective type of Google ads

Google’s main service is its search engine. This channel has been around for a long time and is constantly improving. Accordingly, the approaches to advertising through the search engine are also improving. Advertising here appears in search results and has a different format. The Google Ads tools allow you to create personalised ads for promotion, considering the different characteristics of the niche market. Advertising is paid for using the CPC (cost per click) model. The same rules apply as for organic links. 

Media advertising

In most cases, media advertising serves as a tool to increase brand awareness, which is particularly important when entering a new market. This type of advertising can take place on more than 35 million applications and sites that are part of a single contextual media network. This type of advertising focuses on visual perception and consists of banners placed in different parts of the page. Google automatically selects which ads to show on which sites, considering the user’s browsing history and online behaviour.

Video advertising

These ads appear before, during or after a user-selected video on YouTube. This ad format also appears on the homepage of the platform.

Video ads grab users’ attention and offer a wide audience reach. These videos are available in different versions, such as those that the user can skip and without the possibility of skipping. The duration of the latter is 20 seconds. There are also ad screensavers that last only 6 seconds but cannot be closed during that time.

Google Ads offers a variety of ways to promote a product or company. It also takes care of most of the tasks involved in creating and maintaining advertising campaigns. Thanks to a wide range of tools and an automated approach, you can achieve high efficiency in attracting consumers and have clear control over your budget.