What content types are effective for increasing traffic Juli July 10, 2023

What content types are effective for increasing traffic

content types to attract users

The content types that can be used for the site or blog

The traditional way of attracting traffic to a site is filled with publications. The effectiveness depends on how valuable and exciting posts will be for users and how search algorithms will react to them. This publication should not be limited to articles diluted with pictures. You can experiment and choose different types of content. Experts distinguish some textual content formats, which help increase organic traffic.

Infographics can be an effective tool for attracting users. With its help, you can present information in an accessible and visually appealing form. And it doesn’t necessarily have to be a dry graph; it can be diluted with detailed explanations, comparisons, and various inserts. To create infographics, you can use editors and designers, both paid and free. Some of these visuals are better placed on the company’s social media page to increase views. When doing so, it is important to add a link to explore the full article on the site.

Another effective type of content is memes and comics. The first format will be especially relevant to social media users. They need to understand the relevance of memes here; otherwise, they will be irrelevant. Comics are a popular way to get people’s attention, and you can publish them in series to maintain intrigue. With these content formats, you can discuss important issues with users. Activity on the blog increases, and people leave reactions or comments.

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The video provides high engagement, and in most cases, it is much more effective than standard text content. About 76% of the experts surveyed noted increased traffic due to the publication of videos. A wide variety of formats can be used. These can be interviews with experts, informative videos about the product, or a format for a conversational story on current topics. Moreover, the budget doesn’t have to be significant: you can record the video on your phone camera. Of course, you can also turn to professional directors. To understand if the video version is suitable for your audience, it’s better to post short videos on TikTok or Instagram beforehand. Interested users can read the full version by going to the website.

Guides and tutorials also work well. There are concise and accessible basic facts without the fluff and unnecessary information. Users love this kind of content, but it is well-perceived by search engine algorithms. Good results to attract traffic demonstrate checklists and step-by-step instructions.

There are different formats for increasing the number of visitors to the site. However, it is essential to understand that publications should be beautifully designed and contain useful information.