Banner advertising: how to increase the display ads effectiveness Juli December 11, 2023

Banner advertising: how to increase the display ads effectiveness

banner advertising

Banner advertising: formats of promotional tool

Banner advertising is an effective way of promoting a product or company. One of its advantages is the ability to reach a wide audience simultaneously. By broadcasting it on the screen, it attracts people’s attention and thus contributes to awareness.

Modern technology allows you to make advertising bright and attractive, so it will not leave indifferent consumers. Banner advertising is advantageous from the point of view of investment, as it has high profitability compared with other marketing tools. However, despite all the positive characteristics, the success of the advertising campaign depends on how well the display ads are designed.

Banner advertising design

The first step is to define your marketing objectives, such as increasing your visibility or growing your customer base. The next step is to analyse your target audience. In this case, it is essential to consider consumer behaviour to determine the best places to display banners. Special attention should be paid to the budget. Before starting work, it is necessary to understand how much money the company is prepared to spend on such a promotion. It is important to remember that display advertising involves costs for the development and production of materials and displays. Depending on the promotion size, you should be prepared to invest between 100 and several thousand euros.

The advertisement design should be as relevant as possible to the needs of the target audience to interest them. The design can be entrusted to in-house designers and marketers, or an advertising agency can be hired to handle all the processes. 

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Digital display advertising

Popular places to put up banners include high-traffic locations such as shopping malls, subways or train stations. In the case of digital banner advertising, it is also better to pay attention to sites that match the target audience’s interests and have a high level of traffic. A good solution is to use advertising platforms such as Google Ads or Facebook.

Once launched, the effectiveness of the advertising campaign should be regularly analysed so that adjustments can be made in good time. Google Analytics is the most commonly used tool for this purpose.

Digital display advertising includes several formats, including banners themselves. These are graphical advertisements, usually rectangular, that are placed on a website. Pop-ups are also used at short intervals, such as when a user navigates to a new page or site. Video ads broadcast on websites, video platforms or social networks are becoming increasingly popular.

The traditional format of banner advertising involves materials put up in public places. This type of advertising is considered expensive but has shown promising results in increasing brand awareness.