Archetypes as one of the branding tools Juli July 31, 2023

Archetypes as one of the branding tools


How to influence archetypes with a visual: an overview of patterns

Psychiatrist Carl Jung identified archetypes as an integral part of personality. Over time, his theory has changed and adapted to new conditions, but it remains relevant to various aspects of life. Experts use the concept of archetypes to promote products and brands. Archetypes are patterns of behavior that humans unconsciously form. Psychologists distinguish 12 archetypes, and marketers have developed their own style of promotion. 

One of the most common behavioral patterns is considered the Parent archetype. Such a person is always ready to help. They focus more on the needs of others than on their own. For this archetype, designers use softly rounded contours and natural shades. Here it is important to evoke a sense of tranquility through the visual. It is better to avoid sudden changes and use a weak contrast. Pastel colors and black and white are used to design advertising campaigns aimed at the Parent.

Features of different archetypes

The hero. This archetype does not tolerate injustice. They are resolute and achieve their goal. Designers use bright colors and geometric motifs to influence this type of people. Here the visual needs to convey the energy and dynamics inherent in the Hero.

The innocent. Trusting and striving for perfection in everything, but afraid of criticism. For this pattern, experts use a cartoonish and somewhat infantile style. This archetype is like images that look like amateurs or children drew them. Every detail should create a picture of a perfect, clean, and happy world. Bright but not aggressive colors will do.

characteristics of archetypes

The explorer seeks to improve their lives constantly, and they do not sit still and want new experiences. Themes of the visual, in this case, will be related to travel, emotions, and movement: well-perceived ethnic motifs and natural colors.

The outlaw does not tolerate restrictions and conventional rules that do not allow him to live in full force. For this archetype, uneven letters, asymmetry, and the effect of sloppiness fit in. As for the color scheme, contrasting shades are used here.

The lover. Aesthetics, beauty, and sensuality are essential to him. This is the archetype that all fashion magazines target, where every detail helps to enjoy the visual, to feel elegance and style. Red and gold palettes combined with chocolate and nude colors are used for the Lover.

The creator. These people are constantly looking for themselves and must express themselves through creativity. Unusual combinations of textures, fonts, and visual effects in the form of collages attract them. Creators love bright colors and the use of natural elements.

The archetypes listed above are only part of the patterns that guide a person’s actions. Knowing which ones your target audience refers to will help you build a compelling brand promotion strategy.